Sustainable composition. It reduces the depletion of non-renewable resources

We manufacture safe and economic mats that protect your clients in the baths of your hotel, residence, clinic, etc.


Safe and quiet guests


Personal and non-transferable use


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Protective mats for personal use for the inside shower or bath

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the polylactic acid is a biodegradable raw material with which marvelmats mats are made-and it has antibacterial properties.

some of the world’s most prestigious hotel chains join the sustainable movement against single-use plastics, replacing them with biodegradable ones. (

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We manufacture and serve in the whole Europe.

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C/Emili Solà i Cortés, 13-15 | Nau 3
08191 | Rubí (Barcelona) | España

Phone: +34 931 285 877


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    We are a company from the technological sector, dedicated to the study, development and manufacturing of industrial machinery of various sectors.

    We are a company from the technological sector, dedicated to the study, development and manufacturing of industrial machinery of various sectors.

    As a result of this spirit of research and development (R&D), we created Marvelmat, a young brand dedicated to develop products that do not exist in the market that are designed to solve problems and unresolved needs in the hotel sector.

    We are aware of the hotels management concern to offer to the customers safer and comfortable stays and experiences and knowing that one of the most sensitive spaces to accidents and complaints is the bathing area, we decided as start, to focus on it.

    After studying, consulting, analyzing and testing, we achieve to manufacture our first product: an economic and safe bathmat for personal use, reusable and replaceable after several uses, hygienic, practical, with non-slip properties and customizable with your hotel logo.

    We are also aware of the problem posed by waste in climate change and we want to contribute to the conservation and improvement of the environment by introducing our Biomat. A mat with the same properties and advantages but made of 100% biodegradable and compostable materials, both the product and the bag that contains it

    This is our small contribution. A challenge and a must that concerns us all and a goal to keep on working in our next projects.

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