What is marvelmat®?
marvelmat® is a unique bathmat with an exclusive non-slip treatment for the inside of showers and baths, designed to reduce the risk of accidents. The product is disposable, economical and totally customizable.

What is marvelmat® made of?
It is made of synthetic materials and of natural fibers which are resistant to water, soaps and oils. The lower face is covered by a non-slip material to increase the safety on the bathroom.

Where you can use marvelmat®?
Further than for the personal use, marvelmat is an excellent product for hotels, gyms, geriatrics, residences or similar establishments, where you want to offer a detail for your customer’s safety.

Can you customize the bathmat?
Yes. marvelmat® is totally customizable with your logo, picture or text. It can be customized for an announcement too!

Does marvelmat® wears out with its use?
Although marvelmat is a disposable product, thanks to its resistance to the daily use, the same person can use it during several weeks before it loses its properties.

Does marvelmat® create any residue with its use?
No. Unlike other products like sprays and safety stickers for baths, the non-slip material of marvelmat does not leave any residue in the bath or shower after its use, besides protecting it from wear and scratches.

What benefits does marvelmat® provide besides other products?
The use of marvelmat® avoids having to change the showers and baths for new ones with non-slip material, without making a considerable investment. As marvelmat® is a disposable bathmat for personal use, it is not necessary to wash it every day for the same client and the hotel can save a significant amount of energy and water. Furthermore, conventional non-slip sprays will damage the shower over time and they will give a less care feeling.

Who are the largest consumers of marvelmat®?
Everyone can use marvelmat®, from companies to private customers. marvelmat® was designed to be used both at home and at any establishment, like a hotel. We have customers from different sectors, from hotels to public transport companies and some homes that want to increase their safety during the bath or shower.